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Knit garments

Knit Garments

Oxford Knit Composite Ltd.


Knitting Machine

0.6 million

( Pcs ) Capacity / Month






Total Floor Area

Oxford knit composite ltd.

Key Heighlights

Our facility spans a total floor area of 73,000 square feet, housed within a state-of-the-art prefabricated steel building. Equipped with a robust fleet of 450 knitting machines, we have the capacity to produce an impressive 600,000 pieces of high-quality garments each month. Our workforce, comprised of 1500 skilled individuals, is dedicated to maintaining the excellence that we’ve upheld since our establishment in 2020. We specialize in a diverse product mix, including T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, and various other knit garments. With a projected average monthly sales revenue of BDT 100.00 million, we’re a thriving force in the industry. Powering our operations is a 500 KW electricity load, sourced from both the R.E.B and a reliable Desal Generator. Additionally, we have ensured other utility facilities, including a sub-station, generator, and deep tube well, to support our operations effectively.

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